Growing ideas.

Where does new product inspiration come from?

For me, the process is similar to writing a song. Most artists don’t just sit down and decide to write a hit song. More often than not, they need to capture Inspiration when she comes. Sometimes Inspiration will float over you like a silent balloon and you’ll need to wrestle her to the ground. Other times, she will hit you in the gut with so much force that you can’t help but pay attention.

As a former musician, I used to write a lot of songs. It seems that every moment of the day I was writing a new melody, lyric or instrumentation. But I haven’t written a new song in at least 10 years. Why? Because I am no longer in the right creative environment to encourage new song ideas to grow. I barely pick-up my guitar or sit at the piano anymore. And I don’t nurture new song concepts like I once did, so they pass right through me. It’s as if I asked my muse to take a permanent holiday.

In order to grow good ideas, you need to start with the right environment and conditions: Good soil, the right seeds and plenty of sun and water. You are a farmer and your garden needs constant attention in order to grow.

If you want to be inspired, make sure you are cultivating the right environment.

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