Designer Glasses

How you see the world directly affects your ability to creative and embrace new ideas.

There are two types of people in the world and both see things quite differently: “No” people and “Yes” people. We all know “no” people. They are the “this-can’t-be-done, it-will-never-work, that-is-against-the-rules” people. Bean-counters, naysayers, devil’s advocates, anyone who manages a project queue, yard duty officers…all “no” people.

“Yes” people are imaginative and see the world through “designer glasses”. They are the artists, creators, producers, visionaries, dreamers, entrepreneurs, ADHDers.

They see a world with endless possibility. A place where their contributions matter and can make the world a better place. They embrace the mystery of life, answering every question with another question. They thrive in the grey, where mystery abounds and there is always something new to discover. They never give in to what Steven Pressfield calls Resistance.

If you want to create, put on your “designer glasses” and start to see the world in a new light.

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