Design to Sell


“A man paints with his brains and not with his hands”Michelangelo

It seems like every week I get a call or an email from someone who has a new product idea that is so amazing they can’t wait to share it with me. They typically want two things: affirmation that their idea is really as good as they think it is and advice on how to successfully market the product.

Sadly, many of the people I have spoken with over the years have already invested thousands, even hundreds of thousands, of dollars into developing their idea without so much as a thought to how to succeed in the market. They completely miss the fact that some of the hardest work begins before the product is ready to ship.

It is during the development phase of new product that its soul is born. Creating beautiful, breathtakingly simple products that capture the hearts and minds of your customers requires both design and marketing skills. And it starts at inception.

Design and Marketing are two sides of the same coin. Design thinking can help you create a product with authentic purpose, a focused design aesthetic and a compelling experience. Marketing ensures your brand story is well-crafted, effectively communicated and sells in the market. Too often, however, these two approaches collide when “group think”, sales targets and margin pressures threaten to jeopardize good design and when good design becomes an end-unto-itself with no consideration for how the product will sell.

I believe these two approaches can successfully co-exist in harmony to create beautiful, highly-functional products that also have the marketing support structure to ensure maximum success in the market.

I have started this blog to help entrepreneurs thrive at the intersection of design and marketing in order to create products that win in the market. Stay tuned for a series of posts that help address the design and marketing dilemma in detail.

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